Thursday, September 9, 2010

When I Was a Baby

Wasn't I just adorables??  I was VERY playful, but I also had to go to the vet's a lot. I has no tail at all and the vet said I was missing some nerves because of the missing backbones.  It made it very hard for me to use the litter box. I strained and struggled and cried from the pain. The vet said it was something called Manx Syndrome (which must mean an adorable kitty with no tail) and that it was very serious.  Most kitties with this problem are not allowed to grow up and play and have a family. They get too sick and can't have a very good life.  But my case was not too bad and Mama and Daddy took very good care of me.  I had to take lots of medicine to help me use the litter box and Mama had to clean me two or three times a day and massage my tummy. That took a lot of time away from play!!!  But I didn't mind because I got lots of attention and cuddles.  I even purred about it sometimes.  As I got older, I hated the baths more and more so Mama switched to wipes which was much less scary than shampoos in the sink!  I loves the sink though as long as it's empty or only a trickle of water for me to bite.  It took a few months, but I was able to overcome my condition and re-train the muscles and nerves how to work.  Mama says everyone should know that kitties with Manx syndrome are worth caring for and can lead a full, happy life in some cases.  Just look at me!!  Now it's sad, but there are kitties out there who aren't as lucky as me and can't overcome the condition.  My heart goes out for those kitties.  But it's always worth trying because you never know what an awesome kitty they might turn out to be!

Mama says that anyone who wants to know about Manx syndrome and the treatments and vet that helped me can feel free to contact us.